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From time to time information which is of a general nature and which may be of interest to members and non-members will be added to this page.

At the end of 2018 there was set up in Scotland a new DARK SKY PARK - within the Cairngorms National Park, at Chapeltown, Glenlivet, Tomintoul, all within easy access from Grantown.
The Cairngorms Dark Sky Park see  is the most northerly Dark Sky Park in the world and the darkest in the UK.

One of the most magnificent sights in all of nature is the night sky - peppered with stars, distant planets and streaking meteors. But light pollution in our cities and towns obstruct our views of these celestial wonders. However, after 10 years of hard work by the CNPA, the local authorities plus Visit Scotland, the light pollution in the countryside at our local Dark Sky Park has been set at nought and the magnificence of our night sky is now wondrous for us all to behold.

Some U3A members will have already been to see our Dark Sky Park and they will readily speak of the thrills of seeing the sky wonders of nature - but two things are needed for a magnificent experience. The first is a night with a clear sky and the second is the company of an expert who can point out the stars, constellations, planets.
Clear skies at night in winter mean icy roads - so Grantown U3A aims to hold off our outing until spring arrives. But we would be interested to learn as to how keen U3A members are to make up a group to visit. Wrapped up well and with a flask of hot soup, a memorable experience is promised.

There are different ways for members to participate - join an organised tour, arrange our own tour with an expert (like Speyside Wildlife) providing the transport, going in our own cars with an expert. All will likely mean some cost.

A date cannot be selected in advance - the outing must go when the sky is at its clearest, so we have to be mindful that all intending might not be able to make it on the night. But we will see.

If any Grantown U3A members wish to join the outing to our Dark Sky Park - please give your name / contact to

David A Lyle <>  01479 873814

and we will meet at coffee time following a U3A meeting to discuss possibilities